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Piperine Extract

The company is the reliable Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of excellent quality and pure Piperine Extract. It is processed under the most hygienic conditions at our state-of-the-art processing unit. We make available our Piperine Herbal Extracts in high quality packaging and at very affordable rates. Place bulk as well as urgent orders for Piperine Herbal Extracts with us!


More About Piperine Extracts :

  • Piperine, along with its isomer chavicine, is the alkaloid responsible for the pungency of black pepper and long pepper. It has also been used in some forms of traditional medicine and as an insecticide. Piperine forms monoclinic needles, is slightly soluble in water (1 g/25 L (18 °C)), and is highly soluble in alcohol (1 g/15 mL), ether (1 g/36 mL) and chloroform (1 g/1.7 mL). The solution in alcohol has a pepper like taste.
  • Piperine was discovered in 1819 by Hans Christian Ørsted, who isolated it from the fruits of Piper nigrum, the source plant of both the black and white pepper grains. Piper longum and Piper officinarum (Miq.) C. DC. two species called "long pepper" also were found to contain it by Flückiger and Hanbury. West African pepper also contains it. Anderson first hydrolysed piperine by alkalis into a base and an acid, which were later named piperidine and piperic acid respectively. The alkaloid was first synthesized by the action of piperoyl chloride on piperidine.
  • Piperine has shown "anti-depression like activity" and cognitive-enhancing effects in rats. Piperine has shown anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic effects in human interleukin-1beta-stimulated fibroblast-like synoviocytes and in rat arthritis models. Piperine also possesses anti-angiogenic activities.