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We are the largest supplier of dry fruits which are sourced directly from farms and processing plants in India and also imported ones. Our largest collection of dry fruits is in the walnut and cashew range. These include: W-400 , W320 , W240,  W-210, W 450, W -210, SW,SSW, LWP,JH,3 to 6 pcs, Small Choora (8 to 16 pcs), Choora (Baby Pcs) of Indian and Benin quality for export and local usage.


Packaging details of walnuts :

  • Packing : 22.680kg Vacuum Pack Flaxy Pouch-ape
  • Grade : W180, W240, W320, W450, LWP, SWP
  • Count : 454bm
  • Moisture : <5%
  • Color : White
  • Live Insect :     Nil
  • Broken : 5% Max.
  • Free from Afflstoxin


Other dry fruits offered :  Cashew Kernels 

Packaging Details

Packing   22.680kg Vacuum Pack Flaxy Pouch
Shape     Whole Characteristic Shape
Grade      W180, W240, W320, W450, LWP, SWP
Count / 454bm W180, W240, W320, W450, Lwp, Swp
Moisture <5%
Color  White
Live Insect   Nil
Broken   5% Max.
Afflstoxin Free from Afflstoxin